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-vs- Opus Osx


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< From the readme >

Opus OSX Visual Style for Windows XP

By Ross 'b0se' Harvey, Opusworks


Designed to be eye-catching yet

unobtrusive, Opus OSX provides a smooth

original OSX style GUI that originated from

Opus OS.

Contains matching:


Yz Dock background (by Marvilla @ DT2)

Wallpaper (Giants Collide by OpusWorks)

Thanks to those mentioned above!


(Click for large - recommended)


Download @ DeviantART

Comments appreciated!

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Comments: The mouseovers in the dialogue buttons, taskbar, min/max/close, expand systray and scrollbars (details in the vert/horiz scroll arrows, too) are lovely. Start panel, too, is beautiful and so is the color scheme (selected text is :wub: ). As mentioned on your DevArt page, the scrollbars are a little hard to find. Enough comments, :rule: :rule:

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