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[release] Neos Objectbar


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Originally posted by peteross@Sep 14 2004, 05:16 PM

- Rebuilt the bar with new resources since I lost my old copy


You lost it?

- This might be the first released ObjectBar that uses HandelGotDLig. Everyone who has it (including myself) has been hiding it from the masses until now.

??? right ;)

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@wiebeest - Yea I lost the original during a reformat so I had to start from scratch. Shiggy helped me out with that [thanks again :)]

True people have had Handel for a while but the widely distributed one from that link Sone gave doesnt have those mac characters built into it. Thats where kejo came in. He hooked me up with a hacked vesion of the font and thats the one you need to install. I included it along with the download for everyone.

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I have spoken to Peteross about this issue.

He will provide the objectbar without the font as he had no idea the font (HandelGotDlig) was payware.

However, the warning remains, anyone linking to the font or distributing it in any way will be suspended for warez distribution.


The Topic Has Been Re-Opened

// Seph

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Hey peteross, very nice... Ok its a lil late (I think) to ask about this, but I cant run your OB skin with that font (or any other font). Seem like the only font that shows is MS San Serif... There is any way to change this skin or there is an old version that I could use that allow to change the font?. (I was trying with Skin Studio and I cant find the way to change the font :/)


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