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Embrace The Darkness With All Of Your Might


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There is light in all of us, but also, there is darnkess. As humans we`re vulnerable to it, and it doesn`t take us much to succumb to it`s influence. Lurking from the shadows, the DarkOne is on the hunt. I haven`t been able to resist it, and thus I have fallen. The DarkSide is coming, and it can`t be stopped. All i can do is pray that in the end, light will succeed.

At midnight, Central Europen Time, the DarkSide will be revealed.

Beware mortals, the end has come.

'Till then, i bid you farewell.


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Originally posted by es.xxi@Jan 26 2004, 11:00 AM

Oh dear lord I think I just touched myself!  :lol:  Wait no.. Silencedge get off my crotch.  :lol:


Are you s(h)ure it's not the iBook. Oh, wait, you don't have it yet.

Damn, I am mean today. It's not my fault. I am supposed to have a box from UPS shipped to me today, and it's been sitting in a warehouse less than 45 minutes away from me the past 3 days. <_<

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Originally posted by wizard@Jan 26 2004, 06:02 PM

:blink:  :lol:

Are you s(h)ure it's not the iBook. Oh, wait, you don't have it yet.

I was going to say it was Seph, but the poor guy get's so much hurting off you lot (Poor Seph :hug:).

*Steals his G5 whilst he isn't looking*

And Kumi can touch me all she wants when she gets here. She's definatly stayin' in my bed whilst I sleep. :naughty:

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