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[tutorial] Change Itunes System Tray Icon

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As you know, ResHack cannot change the icon in iTunes. Well, I have found a way.

1. Download and extract the note icon at the bottom of the post I have included.

2. Search for a program called eXeScope on the web. I have found this one to be the best. It's Shareware for $20, not bad and it can replace ResHack.

3. Extract and run it.

4. Open iTunes.exe with it. If you can't open it for some odd reason, try renaming it and make sure the Read Only is not check in the file Properties.

5. Navagate to Resource -> Icon -> 128

6. The 16x16 icons will be the icons used for the Taskbar icon.You can keep those the same, or change it.

7. The icons that will be used for the System Tray icon are the 32x32 icons. I replaced both versions of them since you don't have to worry about Alpha Channels being a problem in WinXP.

8. Go to the icon that you want to change and click the Import icon and select the icon that you want.

9. Save Update the exe. Rename back if you hade to rename it to open the file and run it. It should be changed.

I have included the note icon in 16x16 in the zip so you don't have to go through an Icon program.


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it keeps telling me write access is denied. I have renamed it to Tunes.exe, iTunes.dll, Tunes.dll and read only is not checked in the file properties any ideas on how to fix this or maybe you could post your .exe file?

Edit: Figured it out it would open it becuase my dock was running and since I had a iTunes shortcut in my dock is was reading as in use. Thanks for the tutorial and the icon.

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Originally posted by Floatingtrem@Jun 8 2004, 06:56 PM

i know this is an old thread, but i tried this little mod and i did the wrond icons somehow (dont ask) but it wont let me change it agian without registering- can someone please post a fixed 4.5 version of it, if possibly with localhost's menu mod

The EXE itself is 8 megs. It should have created a backup file. Look in the iTunes directory (C:\Program Files\iTunes) and thier should be a backup (either iTunes.exe.old or iTunes.exe.bak) Delete the current one and change the backup to iTunes.exe. And see if you can change the icons again. Make sure you have any instances of iTunes closed. Docks too.

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no, i changed icons just fine, just the wrong ones, and while i dont mind changing wahtever i did change (i have no clue what either) it didnt change what i wanted it to change, and i cant try again because exescope will only let me cahnge 2 things before it stops working, and i dont have the cash to purchase it (nor do i think its worth it)

so, i was wondering if anyone who got it to work could send me their exe so i dont have to blow 20 bucks on a system tray icon

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4.9. Action: "Bumping" (posting needlessly to) threads without good reason. People do not want to see a four-month old thread, just because you think it's important. If they want to read an old thread, they will find it themselves. Only post to old topics if you have something which directly contributes to the topic of discussion, or furthers the commentary.

Result: Offending post(s) removed.

maybe you haven`t read the rules?

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I apologize. Stupid mistake on my part.

Now that I do have a question, though, am I allowed to post it? I hope so.

My question: Has anyone been able to use this method to hack the icon of Quicktime (qttask.exe)?

try changing all the icons (both 16 & 32) in the file 'qttask.exe' in the qt's directory, seems that will help ;)

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This is a bump of epic proportions, but starting a new topic would seem unnecessary.

Anyway, this exeScope method stopped working for me as soon as the iTunes 7 came in. iTunes simply ceases to function (or produces an error) once modded in the new icon. Has anyone found another solution?

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