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[release] Ishut 2.1

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I forgot to post the news of iShut version 2.0 being released. So now i'll let everyone know about the new version version 2.1 which includes iShutConfig. iShutConfig allows you to edit settings for iShut fast and easily, much like SplashConfig does for SplashPanel.

Here are the changes in the new versions:

iShut v2.0

• By popular demand I added a "Sleep" button which makes your computer go into hibernation.

• Now when you right click iShut you get a menu of which mode you want to be in. (i.e.. Shutdown mode, Logoff mode)

• Added fading fade in/out effect.

• Added some new skins and improved the old ones.

iShut v2.1

• Added iShutConfig for editing settings very fast and easily.

• iShut is a bit more stable.

• Fixed a few small bugs.

You can download it from iBeric.tk or here.

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I was wondering if is it possible to have only one or 2 buttons when i start the App. like "Cancel" & "shutdown" i know i can have them only right clicking on the app. but i`m trying to link to the app "Shutdown" and "Restart" and so on.. from OB to your app. but when i do so. it shows me iShut "with everysingle Button in there" even if i had choosen not to show everysingle button but only what i want...

:blink: do you understand what i mean :S ?

Coz i think your app rockssssssss man !!! but if i can do what i`m looking for it will be awesome !

what do you say ?....

ok Forget what i wrote above !!! i figured out how to do it .... danm i write faster than i think :P hehehehe danm !!! :bow:

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Originally posted by alanjp168@Jan 24 2004, 07:43 PM

:D  nice! very decent program. but just one little question... where can i get the 128x128 ishut icon?

I included all the icons in .png format in the "SKIN RESOURCES" folder included in iShut.

If you still want them in .ico format I can upload them for you if you want. ;)

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Originally posted by Nate@Jan 25 2004, 10:55 AM

beric, how do i get back my log off button? I don't want the sleep button. SHould I just reinstall 1.6?

Right click iShut and choose "Log Off" mode.

And i have error 399, comctlx.dll or something when i tried the config.
That is the VB comon controls library that you are missing. Try googling and installing them.
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Beric... Awesome prog as always!!!

I've got a little problem with the ShutConfig prog....

I get the error:

Run-time error '713':

Class not registered.

You need the following file to be installed on your machine. MSSTDFMT.DLL

Can you help me?


BTW, I have MSSTDFMT.DLL in Windows, System, System32, dllcache.....

No luck.

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