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[request] Hacked Ie5.1.7 With Osx Buttons

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If your using OS 8, use Netscape instead.. It comes with an older build or you can just download a newer one from somewhere.

And no, people use the term "hack" for the wrong reasons. Your modifying the application files. You modify a forum's files. Hacking by nature is done to something you are not suppost to, like you "hack" access to a remote server. It also leads to forum modifiers going around saying "OMG i am such l337 hax0r dud3!!!111 u suk n00b lmfa0!!111". <_<

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Just my presonal thoughts, I and alot of people personally feel that hacking can be used as a term for altering or recoding a program to suit ones needs. Sadly gaining access to machines in a malicious manner and flooding has been adopted over the years as hacking. The whole leet speak came along with that, but hacking was used to basically say "hack" up a program, take it apart and redo it or alter the code. The term has been used way before the internet even arrived and people were into taking over machines. Not trying to step on anyones feet here, just giving my opinion :).

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the word HACK = a person who knows computers inside out. (generally).

The media however started giving the word "hack" a bad image, and using it so much, that people started using it as well to indicate someone who breaks into files, etc.

The REAL term is CRACK, if you want to go by the book. (crack = crack passwords, sensitive data, modify it illegally, etc).

However, now that the media is changing our language, i guess it's up to us to decide if we want to go by the book or not.


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