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[release] 3r-1c V1.0

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Hey everyone :)

I got some free time this weekend and I added some features to 3r1c. It has some new command line arguments, a config app, lets you put the window wherever you want it, and is a little bit easier to skin :). There were some internal changes, so the app should run a little smoother.

Hopefully this will be the last release; I think I have found most of the bugs.

Here's the screenshot:


The reluna skin isn't included (no permission), but I did a (crappy) sample skin to go along with the default. If you have any bug reports or suggestions, feel free to post them here. Thanks! :)


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what's the new systray icons look like? btw i have a broken hdd and the soonest i will be getting a new one is on saturday. please email me the old icons if the new ones aren't osx-like and if you give me permission i will host them on cybrian.com so people can download them (please note my site will be down soon for 24-48 hours since i am changing servers since my friend doesn't want to host websites anymore though he gave me unlimited bandwidth and since we're friends he did it for free :cry: )

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Originally posted by juno@Jan 19 2004, 11:39 PM

Commandline doesnt seem to work.....

Hmm, what is the parameter you are using? Make sure it's something like

"x:\path\3r1c.exe" +

"x:\path\3r1c.exe" -

"x:\path\3r1c.exe" /control

And sorry about the icons guys. They didn't look that great unless you had a white-ish scheme (my fault, no alpha blending) so I decided to go with the old ones. I ought to include the OS X style ones though. My bad.

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BigTieKie is right about the window focus issue. I was playing medal of honour online, and I my keys are located on the right-most number-pad on the keyboard. I couldn't understand why I was constantly being sent to windows desktop at random and it was frustrating me beyong belief I was closing all my applications in order to narrow down a list of suspected applications. After everything was closed, it was then I realized that I was hitting the volume buttons on my mac keyboard at radom. since I'm an avid gamer, I regretably uninstalled the volume control for this reason :(

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Ahh man cant wait till i can download this to my PC. I love volume bezel, with my logitech multimedia keyboard, this app is almost indespensable. I love hearing the little blips when i crank down the volume, and to be able to easly see what its at. I dont know what improvments you could have made in this one. Only thing i dont like is that it takes focus. It would be nice if it didnt, and just layed on top of everything, not shure how possible that is tho.

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Originally posted by cherrysoul@Jan 20 2004, 04:04 PM

With 3r-1c running, my iTunes playback flickers when I scroll the webpages in Internet Explorer. This is annoying!  :(  How to fix this? I have 512Mb ram.

Does anyone have the same problem?


I've got the same thing as well... Disable the bezel and everything works fine again. I'd definitely hope that this challenge can be overcome. Because this bezel is looking really sweet. :wub: Hope I can use it.

Help please, someone... anyone. :D

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