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New Design-related Community Subsite Of Mine


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Yea, community sites are getting kinda tiresome these days. But i'm creating one all the same. Sort of. :D

Almost done working on a subsite, which will be launched along with my main site. I'm going to be needing moderators for the site, which will be powered by IPB, and would like to put out a formal request here. Basically, I need a few people (most likely going to settle with 3-4 people) to be moderators for my forums, which will, for the most part, be design-related. The people I'm looking for should have a decent background in web design and be familiar with Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. The site will hold user-submitted tutorials, which will have to be approved by myself. You will be asked to assist people with any design-related questions, by giving them helpful advice, while maintaining a cool head (no flamming them for the questions they ask, etc).

Guess that's it. Anyway, if anyone should become interested, drop me a line at my email, which is on my signature.

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