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[release] Memory Cleaner V. 0.1b

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Well, it looks like this app ThePowderRanger is getting some nice positive feedback...after a recent reformat of my WinXP SP1 system, I have (yet) to install MS Net Framework v1.1, does this app require that you do indeed need it installed...

As my I might give it a go, on your next updated version...

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Thanks to all for your feedback !! :D

@ Goku:

The ver 0.2 can switch from own theme to system msstyle and I hope to include skinning support to the version 0.3/0.4. ;)

@ gahbmwM5:

I don't know if I'll port it to native code, but all is possible. BTW Thanks for idea.

@ IngeneerMind:

I'm testing this new feature in the rel 0.2. :lol:

@ all:

I hope to release new version in the first half of next week thats includes above news, low mem usage (from ~12mb to ~8-9mb) when all items are selected (pointd by Stevie_BM) and timer tick customization.

That's all folks :lol:

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