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Hi all :)

After being put on a bit of a back burner over the holidays and whilst I had a large commercial project to work on, I am back to working on Macish.org.. the Aqua skin collection site, aiming to create the definitive aqua skin source, from WB themes and MSstyles to icons and wallpapers.

I have, however, run into a bit of trouble. I have been trying to settle on a CMS (content management system) to use, but after trying out a load of them on my server, have decided that none offer the flexibility i need. What i really need is to be able to create a bespoke system to run the uploads/downloads system from.

The task would be relatively simple: Help me create an upload/download system and database (mysql/postegresql) that can handle multipe categories (which can be edited), user uploading, with admin approval, a commenting system, preview screens, and download counters. Forums i can handle, invision board is cool lol.

If there is anyone out there with php experience who would be willing to help/guide me on this i would be very grateful, and it would help get this site off the ground :)


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