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Objectdock - Beta Has Expired.

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Originally posted by Over Achiever
ObjectDock:  This beta has expired.  Please visit www.stardock.com to obtain the latest version

Um, I've been updating to every new version that has been released. I just tried doing a clean install (lost all my icons, skins and preferences:() and did a clean install of 0.85. I still get the same message. What am I doing wrong?

I love objectDock, but this sucks. Now I have to update my quick launch to show all the programs I've added since I've used objectDock... :(

[EDIT]I had the date on my computer set to 1/4/2203. I see the date as 1/4/03 in the taskbar, so I assumed I was ok. Sorry for my stupidity. I'll delete this thread in a hour if I have permission to...[/EDIT]

[EDIT2]I guess I can't delete it, so I'll wallow in my embarassment ^_^ [/EDIT2]

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Even though OD is freeware, I believe it was stated in the past that the betas do have a time limit in them - so that people would have to upgrade to the latest version eventually...that keeps the bug reports on old beta versions to a minimum.

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Originally posted by Over Achiever@Jan 4 2003, 09:21 AM

Yep.  Today is January 4, 2003 as it shows on my computer.  So no, my computer is not set at June 2003 or anything.

Um...looks like I was wrong. Somehow when my computer switched over to 2003, it switched to 2203. I noticed this when other software I have started to pop-up messages...I dunno why it went to 2203, but I didn't notice since I see my clock as displaying 1/4/03.

Sorry guys for this.

I'll delete the thread if you guys don't mind.

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It prolly does. I remember reading a guy that had his date accidently set to June 2003, and he got the same message. Its just that mine was way out in 2203...lol, this is so funny. Other betas like my AIM beta, and even Trillian bailed on me...must have been something to do with certificates or connecting to the AOL server or something.

I have several other pieces of software that were time trial, and when they showed that I was 73000 days past the deadline, I took a second look.

Looks like the beta is time trial, but prolly for half a year or something.

Anyway, I apoligize profusely for my stupidity and lack of awareness. I'm still not sure why the date changed from 2003 to 2203...must have been something screwy with the syncronization.

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