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Osx-e.com Launched


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(Y) Thats right guys......since my old site dotwac.com is down, I have to launch the new site earlier than expected. Most of the files from the dotwac.com being transferred here, and more files will be added soon. I have added an icons section, skins and misc section. Icons section contains all the icons that being ported from mac osx to windows like flyakite panther icons, iceman jaguar icons and also a custom icons made by jairoB, amnesia and other artist. I will also added a system files icon in the icons section. In the skins section, I will put an osx skins for window blinds, object bar, msstyles, icq, msn, trillian, savanna, yztoolbar. And in the misc section contain a pack installer, plugin for objectdock and etc. I hope you guys can submit your files there. Registration is free but you didn't need to register to download the files. You only to register to submit and upload files to my site.

You can get more info from my site. Just head over it http://www.osx-e.com

ENJOY!!!!!!!!! (Y)

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Thanks guys.....but as you all see it is still 70% complete. I need more resources and change the layout to looks more macish.....

For those who would like to submit your files, you just register as a member and upload your files through web browser. If you would like to upload a files more than 5MB please pm me with your desired username and password, I will create and ftp account for you so that you can upload through ftp. But please don't abuse it by uploading your personal files.......

@amnesia - a kiss back to you.....(if my wife know that I'm kissing a man...) can you update the links in oxygen-inc network script and give me the new script....I lost the old one.......

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