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Stylesuites Aqua-soft Collaberation Launched

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Originally posted by dappleyard@Jan 13 2004, 03:33 PM

@ Alang - I've PM'ed you

I know this is early on down the line, but I can see a problem ahead of us....

For example, last night alone (from the current 646 downloads) we transferred well over 1gb of data. We're only working with a 6gb/month hosting account. We've now got two options:

1) Buy a hosting account with more bandwidth (eg the G5 special here - http://xitocreations.com/hostingspecials.php)

2) Find a lot of mirrors.... quickly

What do you think that we should do? - Bearing in mind that any cash spent on funding this venture would be coming straight from our back pockets.


Yeah, same as my site too....on the first day alone served over 1.5GB.....I'm not sure the 35GB I got will last for a month....hope I don't have to upgrade my hosting because of bandwidth usage

I already reply your pm......

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Phew, that was close :lol:

For those of you that don't visit StyleSuites (shame on you) we almost went down due to lack of bandwidth. We didn't think we would be this popular! But the really kind people at RapidGaming offered us a host for the files, and 16 times more bandwidth. :woot:

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Great site and great idea :). The one thing i didnt see much of was credit to any of the authors of the files. I also noticed theres a link to one of the DSX wallpapers i did but its named dark panther on the site. Maybe im a little petty but wouldnt it just be better to name the files what they originaly where to make life easier and not to confuse people ??

Ive not spent alot of time on the site but i will be doing to check it out to see what other goodies there are that i might not have seen before. (Y)

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Originally posted by dappleyard@Jan 14 2004, 06:16 PM

Let all praise be given to the kind people at RapidGaming

You're the greatest  (Y)

That's really good news! :woot:

No more headaches over bandwidths!

@mentaleruptions: You've got a point there. Would be nice if the authors can get the proper credits for their work. It would be every author's pride to be able to share their work and get proper recognition.

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OK Guys - Thanks

We will try to post the authors name in every download we add from now on

About bandwidth. We do have enough bandwidth, but we are in the process of transferring the site to the new host, meaning that it could be down for a couple of days. I'll post here with progress on the transfer when it is near completion.


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It's hard to believe how amazing your site is.... seriously. I'm just curious, now that it's been up for, what, at least a month now, what kind of traffic are you getting, what kind of bandwidth is it using? What kind of problems or pleasantries have you been having? (Oh, and I voted for brushed... I'm deep into FT500 again. Damn is it smooth.) Thanks, gentlemen, for such a great community resource.

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OK - We're now in the process of adding the new suites guiPod, and Aluminium Alloy (poll winners) - If you have any content for these themes please, please click on the "Submit your work" link at the top of the site. We need all the content we can get!

Thanks for your support ;)

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Well, you didn't have to wait long for the first.... erm.... 'surprise'

A new "applications" section has been added to the site. Enjoy ;) - And as always, if you've anything to add or recommend, please let us know!

I know it's a bit sparse at the moment, but it will fill up over the next few weeks.

We'll keep you posted!

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I've got a little suggestion.

Instead of showing just the links (e.g. icons, cursors, windowblinds etc.) where some of them are empty, how about adding a file count feature at the end of the link such that it helps users by letting them know there's no files in some of them?

Just a thought. :D

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