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Stylesuites Aqua-soft Collaberation Launched

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Hey There

Well, we've been working on it for the past week, and I'm pleased to say that StyleSuites is now live, at http://www.stylesuites.com.

There is a fair amount of content on there (everything on the Milk theme, Cappuccino and Smooth Stripes), and we're working on adding more content all the time. If you have anything to add (and I'm sure you all will), then please click on "Submit your Work" at the top of the page. Even if it isn't your work, let us know about it so that we can ask permission.

It's been a privilege to work with Simon on this, and I hope that it will soon become the success we hoped it would!!

Comments and suggestions would be much appreciated

:who's your daddy:

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It will be a success. I'm pretty sure it would, with the community behind you all the way... :lol:

Some suggestions though.

When I navigate to the suites section, there appear a number of clickable links. I'd suggest attaching a thumbnail to each of these for easier navigation, and for greater visual impact. (Just like the sub-categories.) In fact, adding a link to the relevant programs would spice things up even more. ;)

Darker fonts, I'm still squinting a little, yea, just a little though. ;)

I'd see if there's more when I have the time to enjoy your site! :D

Great site there. Showing lots of promise!

Kudos to dappelyard and Simon! :who's your daddy:

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@simon & dappleyard - have some time to discuss about our collaberation? If you guys not interested I will just proceed it with my own and put a skins section on my site too :6 ....its good for community actually because they have more option but bad for us......more works and more money to pay for space and bandwidth......

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Originally posted by dappleyard@Jan 13 2004, 02:24 PM

@alang - do we currently host any files that you would like to take over if we collaberated, or are you interesting in taking over applications etc?


I plan to put applications, icons, system files and tools to modified windows and my site. So your site can cocentrate on skins and themes. You can added more skins section, like skins for savanna, icq, trillian, yztoolbar etc. So that our site have a totally different materials......less headache and bandwidth usage......

And then we just put a links on our site let say I will put a links on my site name Skins & Themes and when visitors click, it will direct them to your site and you put icon & application links on your site that will redirect visitors to my site..


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@ Alang - I've PM'ed you

I know this is early on down the line, but I can see a problem ahead of us....

For example, last night alone (from the current 646 downloads) we transferred well over 1gb of data. We're only working with a 6gb/month hosting account. We've now got two options:

1) Buy a hosting account with more bandwidth (eg the G5 special here - http://xitocreations.com/hostingspecials.php)

2) Find a lot of mirrors.... quickly

What do you think that we should do? - Bearing in mind that any cash spent on funding this venture would be coming straight from our back pockets.


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