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Your Top Favorite Mac Apps

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I use:

Transmit for FTP

iChat for Chat

iTunes for Music

Safari for Browsing

Mail for Mail

Transmission for Torrents

Aperture for Photography

iPhoto for Wallpapers

Newsfire for RSS Feeds

Photoshop for Graphics Things

Pixadex for Storing Icons

Candybar for Changing Icons

Shapeshifter for Theming

Trash/Appzapper for Getting Rid of files and apps

VLC and Quicktime and iTunes for Movies

Word for Word Proccessing

TextMate for Coding

CSSEdit 2 for CSS

Quicksilver for a Launcher

Cleardock for Getting rid of the dock background

Desktop Sweeper for Getting rid of the desktop icons

The Unarchiver for Unarchiving

TInkertool for System Maintence and things like that

Flip4Mac for playing WMVs

Dashboard for Widgets

Disco for Disc Burning

I think that's about it. I posted here a while ago (I realized that after posting), but I needed to add a lot.

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browser = Safari

email = GMail (I can't be bothered to use Apple Mail. It's a great app, I just like using the GMail interface.)

music = iTunes (duh)

icons = Shapeshifter

themes = Shapeshifter

app removal = Trash? I haven't really had to get rid of anything. The only things I've gotten rid of were tiny apps that I never used. Also, for more secure deletion, the Shredder widget.

image converter = Photoshop (CS3) or Automator

movies/videos = Front Row (Hey, why not?) or QuickTime.

chat = Adium X

p2p = LimeWire

torrents = Transmission

ftp = Fetch

photos = iPhoto

iPod video converter = iSquint

just about everything else = Automator

Just thought I'd update this a bit.

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Safari Stand.

The ESSENTIAL add-on for safari.

- Puts thumbnails of all open tabs in a "stand" on left OR right of screen.

- Dowload youtube movies!!! (using command+click)

- Open new tabs by double clicking blank area in stand.

- Re-arrange tabs, by dragging up/down thumbnails.

- customisable.


Acid Search

- Add search engines to safari's search bar (youtube, wikipedia, yahoo, google...etc etc).

- literally hundreds of engines to choose from (in a list), its easy to add more, and arrange them in custom order.

- Remembers recent searches.



Forget all other itunes controllers, this one is simply the best!

- Compact; basic controls sit in menubar

- Customisable buttons (rewind, pause, play, ratings etc)

- Customisable menus (artists, albums, playlists etc)

- customisable appearance (button skins; black, white, orange, etc)

- Reliable. Never need to look at itunes unless you want to.

Its so good, it should be part of itunes by default.



- Adds lots of essential codecs to quicktime, play virtually any video file! (flash, avi,divx etc)

(one exception is WMV files, see flip4mac below)



(free but with limited features and/or nagging)


- Get rid of windows media player for good.

- With this plugin and Perian there is virtually NO need for any other players (how many players on windows can do that???).



- A cool 3D visualiser for itunes, which displays a spinning 'jewel case' of the playing album. it looks extremely realistic. The Spinning album/cd case features album art on the front (downloaded from itunes store, or added manuall) and a blurred image for the back with track names on the back.

- customisable fonts, 3d settings, and layout.


Other things I couldnt live without;

itunes, safari, ical, pages, photoshop, apple mail connected to gmail account, shapeshifter and my mac.

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@osxdude: i don't own one either, but here's my list

Garageband&Audacity: Music record and editing

iTunes: Music

Safari: Browsing

Pixadex: icon storing

iPhoto: Photos

Photobooth: Pics

Grab: Screenshots

Apple mail: Mail

Preview: PDFs and stuff

DVD Player: for DVD's

Shapeshifter: Skins

iChat&Aduim: Chatting wit friends

iCal: schedules


BSPlayer: Media

divX: Another DVD thingee

MS Word: I like it, but it's the one i kinda don't like! :P

Photoshop CS3: Image Editing

Just most of them are d-fault mac apps...

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Of course I use and recommend applications like Adium and Firefox, the stuff most Mac users already have. I also really like Opera 9 on the Mac platform, especially with the Tango skin.

OmniWeb is a nice browser, makes a real good Safari replacement as it also uses WebKit for rendering. I also have Awaken so my iMac functions as an alarm clock, the LightMeUp daemon so I can immediately shut off the iMac display but keep the computer itself on and an iTunes widget that automatically finds and downloads lyrics to whatever song I have playing in iTunes.

For downloading, I usually stick with Transmission and Acquisition, although Crosswire will be nice once it gets out of beta. Xtorrent has just released the first 1.1 beta release, which I might try if Transmission continues to have fairly slow development.

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The new iPhoto 09 rocks!. I got to try it on my friends Mac and it's beautiful. It has a new face recognition feature, making it easier to sort and find photos. It also has another new feature called Places he told me that helps you sort photos by where they were taken.

Plus, all of Apples applications are so beautiful and elegant!

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I will have to throw in on the newest version of Firefox. Firefox 3.5 is really excellent! Both on the Windows environment, and the Macintosh environment.

OpenOffice.Org (love having cross platform compatibility)

iLife09 is also in my list, very simple elegant solutions.

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Adium, everything in iWork and iLife, Seashore, and ShapeShifter.

I just purchased a macbook pro and am currently downloading keynote. I have iLife, what is Adium, Seashore, and shapeshifter?

hmmm ok Radium, the other 2 were not found in the app store however.

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