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Your Top Favorite Mac Apps

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Well, now that we come back to this thread, let me just say something:

Quicksilver is one of the most complete/useful apps i have ever encountered. I was a butler fanboy once, but after trying QS for a while, there is no going back.

You can launch apps, search for files, control itunes, virutally anything (even browse your mac from the summoned QS window)



Does anyone know of an app that will force every single URL click systemwide to open windows in new tabs instead of new windows? - it annoys the hell out of me to click on an email link and go to a new window.

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seXXI mentioned a program called Tag in reference to PHP coding and previewing. Does anybody know where to find this, I have tried VersionTraker and Google (along with other engines), but I can't find it.

Edit: I knew once I opened my mouth I would find it. Here is the link.


I would also like to add:


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Camera Helper is a terrific freeware utility for automatically importing files (image, audio, video, etc) off your digicam. Just connect your camera and bingo, files imported / app of choice launched.

Once the files on your local HD, Renamer4Mac handles batch renaming with incredible versatility and ease of use.

You WILL be happy. :)

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I just discovered you control: desktops. Excellent virtual desktop software. Cool transition effects. Check it out here.

It is very cool. I just downloaded it to try out for the 15 days, but I have a problem. The second time I launched it, it switched to the Play desktop, crashed all apps except the Finder (Which it gathered onto the Play desktop leaving the Work DT empty), and then when I switched back to Work, it crashed the Finder...

WTF? It's such a cool app. The best implementation I've seen of Multiple Desktops yet, but it didn't seem to like me.

I'll see how it performs when I reboot.

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