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Your Top Favorite Mac Apps

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Lets start a thread on your top favorite apps for OS X.

No warez talk

In no particular order...

- iApps : http://www.apple.com/ilife/

- Adium : ( now that it has msn support ) http://www.adiumx.com/

- Another Launcher : http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/20035

- Bittorrent : http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/18286

- VLC : http://www.videolan.org/

- Poisoned : http://www.poisonedproject.com/

- BBEdit : http://www.barebones.com/

- CSSEdit : http://www.macrabbit.com/cssedit/

- Cocktail : http://www.macosxcocktail.com/

- Candybar : http://www.iconfactory.com/cb_home.asp

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This is a great thread, opened me up to a lot of new apps!

Off the top of my head:

(in no order)

iLife (apple.com)

Safari (apple.com) - tabs baby! gotta love em'

M$'s RDC (microsoft.com/mac)

Sherlock (apple.com) - what the pc was missin'

Cocktail (macosxcocktail.com) - just found it fellas, thanks!

LaunchBar (http://www.obdev.at/products/launchbar/) - like "run" for pc, but better

Again, great thread, found cocktail because of it.

Powerful it is. . . yeaaaas

(yoda is still cool)


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1. iTunes 4.2 ~ The greatest music-related program out there. As simple as that.

2. Macromedia Studio MX 2004 ~ To us webdesigners, it's simply paradise.

3. iPhoto ~ Another great looking, yet powerful tool, right off the bat.

4. Transmit ~ If FlashFXP is the greatest FTP client on Windows, then you are looking to it's just counterpart on Mac OS X.

5. Sherlock ~ I haven't yet explored this app throughly, but all I can say is "Wow".

6. Address Book ~ Do I NEED to explain?

7. iChat ~ By far, the best looking IM program I've ever seen. Simply amazing.

8. iCal ~ Now THAT is an organizer.

9. Safari ~ Take that, Internet Explorer! :6

10. Mail ~ Er... Take that, Outlook Express! :lol:

And I think we should all give an honorary mention to Heaven made Software: The great Finder.

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Ok, lets don't allow this thread to die people ;)

I highly suggest iPulse from the iconfactory, its a bit awkward to get used to the interface, but once you do, you will love it. Granted, this only comes in handy for ram/cpu/disk activity usage freaks, i suggest it nevertheless...

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OK, I've finally got my hands on a mac (old pink iMac running panther. It's fun, bu a horrible colour!) so here goes:

HyperEdit: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~deutschj/HyperEdit

(good HTML, CSS and PHP syntax highlighting)

Unison: http://www.panic.com/unison/

(good for newsgroups)

Unison isn't free but the HyperEdit is shareware. It's good enough that I'll be donating to their paypal account.

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Originally posted by n3urotic@Feb 9 2004, 11:20 PM

Firefox 0.8. http://www.mozilla.org

This thing kicks the "mr. hankey" out of Safari.

Have you tried kamaleon? that one sis in my eyes, better than mozilla (interface wise), altough i ampretty pleased with safari, c'mon, if theres anything better on the others i cant see it. specially now with the 1.2 version out.


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Originally posted by Seph@Feb 10 2004, 05:00 AM

Have you tried kamaleon? that one sis in my eyes, better than mozilla (interface wise), altough i ampretty pleased with safari, c'mon, if theres anything better on the others i cant see it. specially now with the 1.2 version out.


My safari has problems with DNS resolution since every version. After surfing for about 20 some minutes it will stop resolving addresses. Only by quiting and restarting the app will it load sites. It seems to degrade more nowadays.

Flushing the cache doesn't work.

Manually rm -r * the ~/Library/caches/Safari folder's content doesn't work

This was the case the day i got my ibook outta the box

Still the case now I reinstalled OSX.

And 1.2 didn't fix anything.

While IE and Fireworks work fine. So does Omnibrowser 4.5. Altho 5 is a bit crashy since it's like beta. I'm waiting for 5 final.

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let me add a few programs that I really like to use on my Mac, which have not been mentioned so far (I think):

1. MenuMeters - gives you various Stats in the menubar

2. MoonDock - er ... puts the moon phases in the dock

3. Vanity Dockling - puts your uptime in the dock

4. WeatherMenu - puts weather conditions in the menubar (works better for me than WeatherPop Advance, although the icons aren't as nice)

5. WClock - allows you to customise the menubar clock

6. Steam - gives you schedule information on BBC radio and one click lets you listen to any BBC radio station

7. RagTime Solo - Commercial Desktop publishing program. Bit quirky if you are used to Quark or Pagemaker but is FREE for non-commercial use.

All the above are free.

Would just like to mention one piece of shareware. Although it's a bit expensive, CircusPonies Notebook is a wondeful app, with a gorgeous interface. If you use / like MS OneNote, or need to keep a diary/ journal/ log etc then this program is perfect. I use this all the time.


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I'd like to add:

Uninstaller: Mac programs usually lack removal utilities. This saves your hard drive's state before and after the installation of new programs, so you try them, dont like them, remove all the files that .app created, down to the single pref/temp/cache.

Audion: Plays all the formats iTunes doesn't. Encodes/decodes. This is the Winamp2 of OSX.

Delocalizer: Removes all the language support you don't need from OSX. I saved 600+MB by running it. Saved myself only Chinese Simplified and US English.

LaunchBar: Launch program by typing in 2 letters, fast.

GuitarShed: Chord finder, tabs library, tuner.

DivxDoctor: Fix AVI's to work in Quicktime (imho best player on mac)

PeerVanguard: Keeps RIAA from suing your ass.

TransparentDock: Way better than anything Unsanity made.

Search all of them up at Macupdate.com or Versiontracker.com

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I second the recommendation of TransparentDock, it was one of the first shareware apps I purchased and it's never given me a problem.

TigerLaunch -- I've looked at other application launchers and this one is just simple and direct enough for me.

MacJournal -- the best personal journal app I've ever come across.

Pod2Go -- I carry directions, weather forecasts and my favorite rss feeds on my iPod with this.

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