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Firebird-safari Complete

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All of it! :cry:

All i need is this components...

1. iShut english

2. About X english

3. Cpanel english

4. Firebird-Safari in milk theme

5. Explorer-Finder in milk theme

Complete and reqady for download..

that's all! then i'm ready to die!! :woot:

these are the following's to complete my theme... :cry: :cry:

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Mine and Steve's tutorial is a self created work around to get Safari on Windows, there is no quick fix. I have plans to work on one in about a month but the only way to get safari at the moment is to use either the tutorial or Savanna.

As for the rest of the items they are all stand alone apps. Use the search button on the site and you will find them. There are plenty of About Apps just search for "ATM"

"Explorer-Finder" This is currently only available as the Jaguar finder here


The panther version is currently being finshed by aquarius2003 and a HTT Template by me. This should be released within the next 2 weeks.

My advice is just to install Firebird and go through the tutorial is easy!


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Originally posted by b0r3d@Jan 7 2004, 11:22 AM

4. Firebird-Safari in milk theme

5. Explorer-Finder in milk theme

Those 2 from my destop screenshot that you asked me about in a PM and now here:

I explained to you that all that I've done to Firedbird is use Lynchknot's milk theme and use Stevie's tut which you for some reason con't comprehend altho its very clear

anyway...all that I've done to exploerer is: y'z toolbar with Milk theme found on DT2

plz don't take this post as insulting of whatever ;)

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This really fire's me up :rant:

How do you install a theme to Firebird?????????

and unfortunatly i coundn't find the Step 5: the go button3) Open C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\Phoenix\Profiles\default\[some number].slt\chrome\saf-p.jar in WinRAR and find \browser\go-large.png

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Originally posted by hmai18@Jan 8 2004, 02:43 AM

Is there a way to fix this?screenshot-9011.png

In jShut, which shouldn't be any different from iShut, just open up the ini in notepad (or whatever) and find the lines that have font info (type and size) and change the settings to your preferences. Open the ini, change it, save it, launch the app, close the app, repeat until satisfied. This is true for many many many things in modding.

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