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[release] Objectsplash Rc1

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its surly an amazing program, everything those two guys touch is gold

However there is a feature that kinda surprises me that isnt that quite matching the mac's gui and thats the 45' degrees shadowing.

It has never been 45' but 90'.

I dont use yz shadows since it does not skin toolwindows. is there a way to have wfx shadow it? or simply make a realistic shadow?

That app was around for a while now and I wish that feature would have been changed already (Y)

thank you VERY much!

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I have no idea what the problem is. Maybe 2.0 will fix that ;)


My sig's text about current projects has been like that for months ;)

@goku and everyone else :P

I have plans for a 2.0 release with many new features and a startup splitter.

Each icon will represent a program that the user has assigned to the icon. ObjectSplash 2.0 will replace the windows startup folder, and use icons as the shortcut. The new version will be built in VB.net or C# giving it more support for skinning and shadows :). All i need now is developer to work on it :P

If you are interested in finishing this project in VB.net or C# let me know.

MSN IM: [email protected]

email: [email protected]

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yeah, but is there a way to give this app a better looking shadows?

isnt a shadow feature already implemented and all there is to do is to make a 90' degrees real looking one? Beric completely stopped working on it? he cant help tweaking that lil thing just once?

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