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Differences Kde & Gnome

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KDE has some features that I like, but I find gnome to be a lot more to my liking. I have been able to configure it easily to look and behave the way I want. Once KDE 3.2 is final I will give it a try and see how it is.

On the gnome side there is also ximian. I am sure that ximian has its advantages. however, I have installed it twice and not been ahppy with it. If you do consider installing ximian, be prepared to reinstall linux if you don't like ximian.

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Whay are you mooning us?  :blink:

Sorry i did not see that smiley animation :(

Using GNOME Now and it's beatful as KDE looks like i won't decide witch to use ..... for my luck i dont have to choose i can run both (Y)

ok now i have to see witch one is best for "aquafy-ing" propourses

suggestions ? :rolleyes:

PD: sorrry again about the :moon:, was funny :D

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Well, I used kde for such a long time, always thought it was better. But recent build of gnome have greatly improved(in my opinion)and it feels and looks more professional. I also like it's easy customizing through gconf-editor. If you have the room on your hard drive I suggest running both because they both have good qualities. I still use kde just not as much as gnome. But I also use fluxbox with rox, xfce4,and enlightenment.

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I like XFCE4 :P

Ah, the wonderful thing about open source. You don't have to choose. Its very easy to switch between them, so you can run one during the week, and one on the weekends if you desire.

Actually, that's a bane of linux. You can spend months playing around with desktop environments and kernels, you get no actual work done. Especially people like us that enjoy tweaking.

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