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[release] Stefanka's Systemfiles

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hey stefanka,

wiedermal grüße aus Deutschland...

also dein pack ist der hammer, jetzt macht jede fehlermeldung auf einmal wieder spass

hier nur zwei kleine probleme:

1. er tauscht bei mir 5 systemfiles nicht aus, ohne diese zu benennen...

(meldung vom replacer im dosfenster)

dementsprechend sieht meine Systemsteuerung wahrscheinlich auch noch

fast genauso aus wie früher... was mache ich falsch?

endless thx for your work n efforts!!!

keep on



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Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted, but anyways...

If I were to get permission from Stefanka, would you guys like to have the sysfiles with EVERY dialog, menu and string tables in all of the dll, cpl, and exe files ??

I have about 89 of the 122 system files done so far, so still working on them, it takes a little time to go through every one of them, especially shell32.

If anyone would find they would be of value post it up and let me know.

Meanwhile I will be contacting Stefanka and The Snow E 2 guys so I can distribute using their AVI replacements. (They look better and they use the same folder icons, no offense)



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Ok, got permission to distribute the edited files, so my question still remains: If I were to host them up, would anyone want them?? (Besides me :) Or if there are only a select few, you could pm me and I can give you the link, either way doesn't matter, just need feedback. I'm not totally finished with them yet, as I am still scouring them a last time to make sure I got everything.



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You mean how you install these things? Extract the systemfiles.cab into a folder, extract replacer zip file into the same folder, also extract the replacerscript in the same folder.

Now drag the replacerscript.txt over the replacer.cmd file. Now a new windows will pop up, follow the instructions.

For the SnowPanther Theme, extract the zip file, copy the SnowPanther folder to Windows\Resources\Themes then go into the folder and into the visual style folder and doubleklick snow.msstyles, choose your settings apply and have fun with a great setting. :D

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Installing was not the real problem.

The question was, which installer to use for installation on a german winXP. "fixed replacer" (patched for german winxp?) or the normal replacer.

I have choosen the newest "normal" replacer, and it worked fine. 5 files or so where not changed, but after reaing these threads this seems to be normal. (witch searching for .backup i could easily identify the files which were not changed).

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I think it's not fixed for german version of xp, I think it was fixed because of a bug or something like this. I used the fixed one and also the newest one and it was both the same. "Like usual" 5 files were not replaced at my installation too, but everything is running smooth I had no problems.

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Don't know if it fits here, but I updated windows today and it looks like MS changed most of the icons in shell32.dll back to default (really ugly if you got used to the new icons), can't say right now if other files also where changed, just to let everybody know.

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