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[preview/release] Avedesk


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For some reason on my machine the labels aren't appearing just the icon. I have the label configured the way I want, and both Kerin & CRNI's labels don't show up.

Any clues as to how to get them to work would be great.



(And yes I did read the above post and do have the latest RC1 build)

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I have made a new desklet to test out my SDK:

Time Desklet

screenshot: screenie.jpg

download: [ http://mpj.tomaatnet.nl/Time.zip ]

Best to use options like:

Style: Always on top

Label is only visible on mouse over

Dropshadow enabled (with graytint 100%).

It looks best if you position it under your taskbar (if it is on top of the screen).

Currently, there is no configuration for the font, label etc used, but I will change that soon (hey, it is friday).

Unzip it to your desklets folder :)

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Nevermind, anyway all that came with the thing was a license and labels.txt

I didn't see a manual and it should just work when I select the text and the color of the label, there shouldn't be any more configuring than that.

Sorry I posted a pm btw on the forum, i forgot to click the pm button :shy:



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I think Stardock has created SOME monsters (like judge and AndreasV). Soon there will be no use for the main proggies since we have talented coders that replace everything. Wish I had the time to work more on some graphix for 'em..... feel free to ask if U need somthing graphic for the apps (visit me on www.n-trace.com to see the type of things I can do). AveDesk is now running here, too.... nice to have a big clock when not working, and a big office logo as the shortcut to my main portfolio.

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