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[release] Orbit 0.2.1

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Hello guys! long time no see! some of you may not remember this, but i develop this application called Orbit! i'm posting around to tell that i've made a new release!

there is some more mumbo jumbo that i should say, but i'll leave it to be posted on the homepage later on the homepage.

to see what's new on this release, Click Here.

Click there to go to the Orbit Homepage.


Hope you all like this one... for i do! :)

feedback ALWAYS appreciated, as usual :D


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@Tuneige, haahhahaa! thanks!

@bolero, cool! give some feedback here when u try it out :P

@bangbang023, great! :D

@alilm, thanks man!


hehehehe i forgot to update the manual lol it was 2am here lol really sorry about that, Stevie! i remembered to mention u on the main page tho lol

@FatAxl, can you send me the details on that error?

(you made sure you have the .Net Framework and the Managed DirectX Libraries (on orbit's site) installed?)

thanks for the feedback! :)

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This release is awesome.

I am not sure if this bug has been reported, but I have found an issue

when Icon Opacity is set to 255.

In Transparent mode, this makes the Item Label always show 'Configuration'.

In non-transparent mode, NO item labels show at all.

Otherwise, is it just me or does the transparent mode run slightly faster than the previous version? I turned the opacity all the way up to make it run even faster, and set the animation speed high. Any updates, though, on future speed optimizations?

Keep up the great work! Happy holidays.


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hey menge im extreamly impressed with the magnification in thos orb.. how it effects all icons around each other all i have to say is brrriilllliannt!!!!!!!

only thing is sometimes i get slowdowns when i click an icon and more icons spin out to an outter valence shell. Other then that, its great


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To Pe7er:

I had the same concern too, but I think it is worth it.

On my system:

Microsoft .NET Frameork 1.1: 37.07MB, Installed

Orbit 0.2.1: ~33.8MB RAM used

I suspect most of the RAM usage by Orbit is due to the .NET framework.

I did not notice any slowdown in windows usage after I installed .NET framework. But that is my computer, you may have different experience with yours.

Good luck!


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@alip, yes that's right :) that's a bug. and u found it lol. gonna fix it. i'll be releasing a service release either today or tomorrow with that and some other fixes i have made :)

@bolero, thx!! the original magnification algorithm was only for one line (just like a dock magnification), but i adapted it to work on everything around it. on the slowdown: is it loading the icons on-the-fly.

@Pe7er, hey thanks! i didn't really notice any slowdown on the windows workings with .Net installed. it shouldn't affect it. and nor does Orbit.

@alip, you are right. .net allocates around 25Mb of extra memory for "just in case this program needs it". but that memory is freed when the system needs it. :) i love .Net lol

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Finally! I made it to work! I must say it's very cool, although not too fast on my system. Especially when i middle-click to open it, it 'jams' a little bit, slows down. Apart of that it's a very good idea. Keep working on it, maybe I'll switch to it and leave 'normal' docks behind


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@FatAxl, good u got it to work!

@Enhanced, YAY :P

@IngeneerMind, you can change it in the configuration. you can either make it be really transparent or simply specify a background image for it :)

@nowhereman, its very hard to get this to run as smooth as mobydock since this one takes up more space onscreen when popped up. try the non-transparent mode or the fake transparency mode. they're both WAY faster

@Pe7er, if you turn off the fake transparency it won't hiccup when it first pops up (the hiccup is the cpu taking a screenshot of the desktop)

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