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Panther Color Labels


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wow! thanks alot man! i already have my config made up!

oh yeah, a REALLY good font for the lables is Trebuchet MS size 10 bold (make sure its bold, otherwise it doesnt look too hot) its a lot more consistent and much cleaner than lucida grande

here is a screen shot:


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Originally posted by imtoomuch@Dec 17 2003, 05:44 PM

Does this script also add the information (free and total space and number of files) below the icons or is it just the colored labels? 

Also, is that a VS or an OB theme?  What's it called?  I've been trying to find that one, and others that say OSXp, for a while.

Just go HERE ;)

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Originally posted by imtoomuch@Dec 19 2003, 06:25 AM

How did you get Samurize to count and display the number of files in the folders?

Well it's quick'n dirty hack back from DOS days (anyone ...?)

I've created *.bat file with this in :

dir /s "C:\program Files" > "C:\Program Files\Samurize\Scripts\Programs.txt"

It redirect output of dir command (/s display all files in all subdirectorys)

to the text file.Then I read last line (or 2 last lines) of that file in samurize

and it displays total file count and dir count...

It's a bit complicated and evolves much editing ,and it's not recomened for

system folder cause that will scan all files on comp (takes a while)

and it doesn't update itself you have to link it to *.bat and clik to update...

so I didin't include it in release.

(If someone now how to this via VBS script contact me...)

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