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Lucida Grande Bold

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Looks awesome now. It is definitely cleaner than the default lucida grande at Bold. Thanks a lot sid.

Looks like this:


Exactly the same as smoke's screenshot. Now the windowblinds theme work as well, it's great :P.

Smoke you should package the fonts with the ported themes since the new WB supports embeded fonts.

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I was taking a couple of days off before I start on a new theme cause I'm feeling tired. But I did make sure that my current themes install those fonts if needed.

Seems I had forgotten to have DSX and Rhapsodized do that. They should now if you don't have the fonts.

The thing is it only does it if you don't have them. So if you have the wrong ones it won't fix it.

Next to add the olive variation to watercolor and start on a new theme.

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