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[release] Ibarv3 Is Here


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i absolutely 100% adore ur theme

its nearly perfect, nearly

i would love a different bar for the left hand side of explorer, u got rid of the xp look, and now its wite, couldnt it b the same as the titlebar? that would b perfect

thanx 4 the theme

edit: i no im pushin u, but a dock backround would b nice 2, il make 1 if you give me permission

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This theme completely rocks!

Except for one little thing...

The theme doesn't interact properly with Mozilla Firebird 0.7.

On my work computer I have 0.6 and no problems. On my home computer I have no problems using other visual styles but when I switch to Ibar a horizontal scrollbar appears at the *top* of the page, and doesn't go away.

See the attached screenshot for a better example of what it's doing.

Despite this bug, thanks for your great work. This is a really great looking and accurate theme.


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:woot: ok i finally got it uploaded to themexp

If you havent downloaded the theme yet

The links are at the start of this topic ;)

Btw for all of u asking why this is my last vstyle

heres the reason

I made this theme cause since itunes (which i love :wub: ), was released for windows

it became my default player, but there was no vstyle that i found to match it.

so i made my own. =)

and i said probably the last ;)

anyway thanks for all the feedback :smartass: :D

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Originally posted by dartbra@Dec 16 2003, 01:59 PM

Yes youre right :rolleyes:

I think i will release a final update  with alot of fixes and requests

so pls do post what youd like in the final update (Y)  ;)

Disclaimer: If this request is a pain in the ass ignore it.

May we have a graphite version of this theme please? I am of course talking about changing the color of the selected button states from blue to grey. Again, if you don't like the idea, see the above disclaimer.

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