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[release] Address Book

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Hi, I just looked in the exe with ResHacker, but where does the program get it´s icons and buttons from?

Ok, I managed to get them... they are not resources, you can't get/replace them with ResHacker :(

I'm trying to write an app on my own for this, stay tuned ;)


Ok, I wrote the app:


They are two command-line apps:


Extracts all bitmaps found into current directory. Recognized file formats are Windows Bitmap (.bmp), Joint Picture Expert Group (.jpeg), Graphics Interchange Format (.gif) and Portable Networks Graphic (.png).

Please note the app seems not to recognize resource bitmaps (!?). You'll need XN Resource Editor, or Resource Hacker, or some similar app.

The second command-line app is:

exereplacebits ...

It replaces parts of the exe file with other files, given corresponding offsets.

When you run exebitmaps, you'll notice each bitmap is given it's offset as name ;) for example 4132.gif means the gif was found at offset 4132 (offsets count from 0 at beginning of file).

Of course, when doing this, please be kind enough to replace the original gif that was there, with a gif with equal or smaller size (the same applies to bmp, jpeg and png of course) else you'll overwrite some other part of the app.

Tested with:

- Jib's AddressBook.exe (finds a lot of .bmp and .gif files).

- XWindows Dock's default skin (finds 15 .png files).

Not tested with .jpg files, may not work with those. :D

I hope this helps to mod AddressBook. If someone needs help with usage of these two apps, don't doubt to contact me.

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