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[release] Address Book

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Hello everybody !

YES, it's me, Jib :D

I wanted to thx everyone for your comments, and I decided to post a few lines about address book :

- I've stopped Address Book development in January 2004 coz I found a job and moved to a new city. I''ve got very few time to spend on programming sorry :(

- I don't think I'll go futher in next weeks, but maybe I'll try to give you at least this RC version which is almost ready since January :blink:

If the app does not start, please delet AddressBook.exe.manifest file in installation folder, and everything should be ok.

If part of the app is truncated, it's just because you don't use normal font size in Windows (so everything is bigger, except my app which is fixed size, sorry)

That's all folks

See you soon I hope

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Originally posted by DigitaLDNA@Jul 22 2004, 06:12 PM


i want to ask

how to copy the database from this program?

cos i have 2 pc. 1 at and 1 at office how can i tranfer or copy the add book from

one to another? thank in advance :rolleyes:


All your contacts are stored as Vcards in the folder that you specified. I haven't tried this myself, but I reckon all you have to do is just copy all ur contacts from that folder into your other PC and point your other add book to your destination folder.

Hope it helps.

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Originally posted by Jib@Jul 25 2004, 03:39 PM

That's true !

You just need to copy all your vcards to the second computer, and that's all...

Just wanted to know somethong :

is someone interested in continuing Address Book Development ?

It's under VB 6


I'd volunteer. Duckie asks for an Address Book widget for AveDesk, I'd make

your app accessible from there.

Have a look at your PM inbox.

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