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[release] Address Book

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smallest of bugs to report (i don't know if there's another bug thread) but in the help menu the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner is cut off. i've attached an image so you can see.

i really must commend you for putting out such a stable release in the public beta. it was worth the wait (which was not long at all) and is a fine piece of software. keep up the good work! :rule:

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Originally posted by Infinity@Dec 4 2003, 05:23 PM

nope.  The records are stored in the .dat and .manifest files.  You could probably copy the entire set of records over but not seperate files.

it is stored only in one DAT file (a pure TXT file actually), the manifest file is to tell windows XP to apply you current visual style (this file will never change !!!)

If your iPod supports vCards, just set you Preferred vCard directory (in Preferences) to you iPod directory. Then it's ready to get transfered to your ipod

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Originally posted by mrUPallnite@Mar 8 2004, 06:40 PM

Thank you for the application - it looks great.  However, I cannot seem to get a picture of the contact person attached to the contact info - I've right clicked, got nowhere - I double clicked on the place to add the picture and nowhere - any help on this please?

- First make sure that you're editing the card.

- Next, double click on the picture and a separate window will pop up.

- Goto choose, and search for the picture you want to represent that person.

- Then simply zoom in/out to get the size you want, slide the box over that section and click done.

- The picture should show and be updated.

- Remember to click on the green tick to save the card.

Hope that helps. ;)

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Originally posted by OSX@Apr 15 2004, 07:05 PM

It doesn't work to me. When i try tu run it, nothing happend. Just play a sound like an error, but no error notifications appears.

Any ideas?

Please help me, i really want this app.

OK for a start, I dont think the developer of this app hangs round here any more, so asking for features is kinda pointless

@ OSX Have you got the VB6 runtimes?

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