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Startmenu Docklet


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I recently (5 minutes ago) ported my Startmenu docklet from OD to yzDock. Because I never used the yzDocklet SDK/API I want to make sure I did everything right.

Testers said it worked well enough, therefore a public beta now. Please try it out and post bugs and other things in this post. Thanks :) .


version 1.0 Public Beta


-> When clicked, the startmenu will popup over the docklet. Works best with the XP Startmenu.


-> Label/icon changing works now

-> Added a ICO for the dll

Does anyone know a place to release yzDocklets?



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This is great. I noticed, though, that if you mouseover the shutdown / logoff buttons long enough for the 'hint' balloon thing to pop up, then the start menu will be dragged upward out of the dock as you keep moving your mouse, to what I suppose is the limit of your 'magnification' setting in Y'z. Do you understand what I mean?

Anyway I've forgotten where it is, so if someone can tell me the place to turn off 'hints' I'll give it a try and see if the dragging problem is fixed. Mind you, it could have nothing to do with hints....

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ji eun: never experienced that bug, I''ll search for a glitch in the code, if I find anything you will be the first to know :)

oc-athlonxp.com: shutdown docklet, only if you can guess who the guy in my userpic is or at least name the soccerclub for which he used to play ;)

BTW, I am trying to do hybride docklets (works for both OD & yzD).

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Thanks for the quick replies, but disabling 'balloon tips' in Tweak UI not only didn't affect the startmenu docklet, it had no effect whatsoever on the entire system!!! Strange, that. Anyway, startmenu docklet seems to want to move vertically to the limit of whatever max magnification setting I choose in Y'z (0.83). That much seems clear, at least to me. But don't worry about it. Maybe it's just my machine, everyone seems fine with it, and I like the windows taskbar very much anyhow. But 'tis a cool docklet. (Y)

@ oc-athlonxp.com, go to http://www.designtechnika.com/main/ and look under files for docklets and such, you should find the shutdown and logoff docklets there, or else use iShut, which you can find in these forums. G'nite, aqua-softians.

Ji Eun

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