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December Desktops

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hey, this is my first attempt at creating a themed screenshot so I'd like some criticsm.

I know it's not going to be perfect, but here goes:


big version here

Designer notes:

Msstyle- Dynamine by Y/C

Y'z Dock BG- Dynamine by me (I know Y/C made a background, but I didnt like it so I made this one)

Y'z Toolbar- BlueCurve 1.0 by Marcel Hoffs

Mozilla toolbar theme- MozCurveBlue 0.96 by Gavin Graham

winamp- Dynamine by jim_phelps

Trillian- Dynamine by honz (I edited this skin some. I took the scrollbar out, I made new AIM icons, and I moved a button to the top of the list)

geoshell- Dynamine port by me

KDX- Dynamine port by me


I know the geoshell skin needs something changed, but can't quite put my finger on it. Any suggestions?

[EDIT 2]

I know the KDX skin's scrollbars are messed up, but KDX is a "female dog" to skin!

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Click to get big, baby!


Computer: Brother in law's spare laptop (borrowing)

Wallpaper: A.B.S.T. Volume 15 NYS Olive Recolour

Icons: iCandy

Visual Style: Olive Verde

Playing: Naruto (Episode 9)

I'll be posting my first Linux screenshot soon! And for the love of god people, read the rules and stop posting text only replies...

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