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Help With Pe7er's G5 Script


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ok i'm about to loss my mind. i'm trying to get Pe7er's new script working and its not. i have both 98b and 1.0 and still nothing. can someone tell me how to get it from the zip file to samurize and get it to work?

Pe7er am i missing something other then samurize to get it to work?




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what do you mean by nothing? did you need to know how to run "config" and make it, or are you like me and the xml script is just not working?

EDIT: whoops i didnt read you post good. ok. first all the files must be ing their appropriate folders in the [root]:\Program Files\Samurize dir. run "config" and load the config file. then add the pngs. save. run the regular samurize program and load your thing that you saved. you now have a beautiful looking weather thing on your desktop that says N/A of the forecast!

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ok sorry about that....

when i mean nothing i slect his script in the ini thing from the samurize icon on the toolbar and my system hickups a bit and then nothing is displayed on the screen.

it doesnt seem that i can get any scripts to work, only the sample and i have reinstalled like 4 times .


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thanks for the help but the config is already made and i have put them all in the right spots i think. its not the weather thing that i want i plan on puting something else in its place. nothing from his g5 config is comeing up at all. the first time that i tried it when i changed back to the sample the g5 tower was there for a sec and then gone.


thanks again


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1. Did you view/edit the ini to make sure that the png images are pointing to the right location?

2. You will need to change the counters for the following:

a) Network upstream traffic

B) Network downstream traffic

c ) Processer usage %

these values came from Pe7er's machine and are coded for his processor and network interface.

If you have any other questions/problems, don't hesitate to ask.

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1. Open the Config - rightclick the systray icon and from the menu select 'Edit ConfigFile...'

2. Select the meter you want to customize.

3. In the panel on the right you'll see 'Perfmon properties' (or POP3 properties)

4. Click the button 'Change counter'.

5. In settings set your computer name (or just use local computer's counters) and select your network controller.

6. For POP3 just input your mail server address, username and password. If you have a hotmail account I suppose you'll have to get some app converting IMAP into POP3 or something. I'm not quite sure, ask Contrasutra, he should know.

7. Instructions on using Weather are in samurize\scripts\desktopweatherxml.vbs. Rightclick it, choose 'edit' and read everything carefully.

I hope it helped. ;)

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lynchknot & sebek, are you guys launching samurize from a dock? I noticed that was a bugfix in the new 1.0.1 version that was released today, client.exe crashing when launched from a dock.

I was able to configure mine no problem, but I'm getting the multiple instances of the client icon in my tray every time the weather script updates, I thought I fixed that a while ago.... >.<

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As far as the multiplying icons goes, this is my restart function:

Function restartClient
 Dim WshShell, oExec
   Set WshShell = createobject("wscript.shell")
   WshShell.run "taskkill /IM Client.exe", 0, TRUE
   Set oExec = WshShell.Exec(SAMURIZE_DIRECTORY & "\Client.exe " & INSTANCE_NAME)
 End If
End Function

No more ghost icons. I got this idea from this thread.

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Yes, that's how I thought I fixed it before, but now with the G5 widget I get a second icon after the first update then it crashes on the second update, I think it's a problem with my modded script cuz it does the same thing using different config files, just too lazy to figure it out right now... :shy:

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ok guys and girls i tried all your fixes and still nothing. i cant get any config to work, not even the sample one. i right click the task bar icon and select the ini file for anything and nothing comes up. i'm trying to us G5, digital clock and sample and i get nothing.

are there any other monitor programs like this that i can give a try if i cant get this to work?

a very distrested Sebek :rant:

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Originally posted by Max Power@Nov 21 2003, 02:28 PM

lynchknot & sebek, are you guys launching samurize from a dock?  I noticed that was a bugfix in the new 1.0.1 version that was released today, client.exe crashing when launched from a dock.

I was able to configure mine no problem, but I'm getting the multiple instances of the client icon in my tray every time the weather script updates, I thought I fixed that a while ago.... >.<

I do not use a dock and I don't even have a dock installed. :(

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hey guys, im running two instances of samurize, one with pe7ers G5 and the other with nates date bar, but for some strange reason now i cannot hide the tray icon of pe7ers instance! im using ob and i have tried the configure filtering like a thousand times, opening it closing it restarting.. nothing...

Any clues?

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Originally posted by Pe7er@Nov 22 2003, 09:04 AM

Do you have Samurize installed in c:\program files\samurize? IF NOT you have to open every ini you got there and manually correct the paths...check this!


I can constuct my own ini file and it works. The G5.ini does not. It will appear for a second then just vanish.

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On my computer, when I set the ini to G5, it disappears, without even showing it, then when I change to a different docklet/widget/script/plugin/addon/thingie it appears for a split second then the new thingie shows up. In the middle panel I see error, there is no CPU percentage (0%) and the weather is correct.

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Well, my config is so beautiful that it won't hide its icon :lol:

Seriously: I DON'T KNOW. :( You don't have weather there, don't you?

You must have some meter that makes the instance 'active'. Lemme explain: each time weather updates itself, it reloads the config and makes it 'active' for OB. One of your meters must be doing something like that or it's OB bug. Which version of OB do you have? Have you updated Samurize to the newest version as I recommended the other day?

@lynchknot: I can't help you, I am truly sorry. I just don't know what's going on with my config on your machine. It's toooo strange :blink:

@wiz: you see errors and no cpu percentage because you didn't customize the config meters for your own machine. Samurize works this way - I can't export configs with meters pointing to your machine. Sorry, you have to edit this yourself. -_-


Open desktopweatherxml.vbs (rightclk > edit) in samurize\scripts dir. Check what's in const INSTANCE_NAME - it should be G5. The script gets the info for restarting from here.

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:lol: - That was it! This is what I had:

const INSTANCE_NAME      = "WeatherXML"                '


**edit - nothing works though and when I go to edit the config, there is nothing there. All images show up on my desktop but there is no images/meter associated with that ini file in edit.

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