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[release] Panther Style Alt+tab

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Good news or bad news, I don't know, but I've thinking a lot about the application windows support and I decided that:

The original task switcher (in Panther) does not shows the windows just only the applications. If you want to switch between the windows you have to use the Dock. So, I do not support in Switcher 2 the multiwindowed applications. Switcher 2 shows only the applications, and you should use ObjectDock for switching between the windows.

This was the bad news.

the good news is that, Switcher 2 is now finished. It is in testing phase by ME in the next week.

I'd like to find the bugs and other bad working situations. I'd like to optimize it and then I'll present it for YOU.

Mad_Mike: I'll send the requested info to you directly, please leave me a PM here with your e-mail address.


:staffs here:

(Switcher 2 supports the application quit feature of the original task switcher: press Alt+Tab, keep the Alt button pressed, select the application what you want to kick out by "tabbing", and press the "Q" key to force it quit.)

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Originally posted by admf@Aug 24 2004, 07:46 AM

Read the post before you give me holier-than-thou  :P


Uhm dude, that's like saying to the owner of a shop "I'm not stealing your stuff" then going and taking something without paying. Just because you SAY you're not "nagging" doesn't mean that it doesn't read as a nag.

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Well then, would you like to tell me how I can ask if a project is alive or dead without you reading it as nagging?

Jesus, asking if something is going on or not ISN'T nagging.

Did I ask for release date? Did I ask if he could hurry or whatever? Did I ask for anything but to know whether the project is continued or discontinued? NO.

So would you like to explain to me how it reads as nagging? Seriously. Give it a break.

EDIT** Hell, it's not even as if I was impolite in what I asked, and neither did I demand anything.

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