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[release] Panther Style Alt+tab

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@pack, .Net Framework developers dont control memory directly. we can't control how much ram it uses. the minimum usual is 16mb. .Net always reserves that amount. but don't worry. all the memory that a .Net program reserves can and will be freed in case some other program needs it.

i agree with pack on the ini part :P

so... when will this work for me? LOL

good luck dude!

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Well, after so much talk about it not working, I had to try for myself.

And I concur, it doesn't come up at all, just the default windows task switcher.

Even played with the .ini file and added every last thing I have open to it, reloaded it, rebooted windows and had it load as a service. Still nothing. I give up.

Looks pretty neat though, if it'd work.

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For those who are having trouble getting it to work, try this:

1 Open up Control Panel and choose "Add or Remove Programs." If you have the "Alt-Tab Task Switcher Powertoy" installed, remove it and reboot (you MUST reboot).

2 Make sure you have the .Net framework installed from Windows Update.

3 Start up Switcher.

4 Open an Internet Explorer window, then open a Command Prompt. Make sure the Command Prompt is the active window. (Just like with the regular Alt-Tab, this program won't show anything unless you have at least two running apps. for it to switch between. For some reason it seems to show up more often if the active window is a Command Prompt.)

5 Hold down Alt a few seconds, then also start holding down Tab. You should see it.

* My wish list for a future version *

- Scale down the icons as needed (right now you can only see 7 running tasks and part of an eighth icon)

- Show an icon for every running task, not just those in the INI file

- Fix the transparency of the non-selected icons (it's especially noticeable on the shadows); give those icons a black background if necessary

- Be able to choose the vertical display position (if you want it to appear further down on the screen, for example)

- Have a control panel where you can browse for the program files and their PNG's

One bug I noticed is that it doesn't seem to like Internet Explorer. I had two browser windows open and it only showed an icon for one. I opened a third browser window and no matter which of the two displayed icons I selected it would only switch to the third window.

Although this utility isn't very useful right now, I think it's a good idea that should be developed further.

(Let me know if the above steps got it working for you.)

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Actually it works!

Thank you mad_mike for the lil tip of booting .. :rolleyes:


There is no need to hold "Alt" for too long just as long as you have at least two of the apps running - i think it depends on how fast your machine is, but thats still negligable.

What I also liked is the fact that it took over the windows "alt+tab" switcher, which is a bless :harp:

FEAT - INCREDIBLE, i'll be looking forward to an update for this one!

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I managed to get it to work, thanks Mad_Mike!

Unfortunately it's still being way too akward for me to actually use on a day to day basis. For me, it *doesn't* take over the original alt+tab, but works on top of it. You can see the original one underneath it. This only happens when I don't wait long enough with the "alt" key, but it's still a nuisance becuase it's not as immediate as a task switcher might best be.

Also, it seems to be behaving rather selectively regarding which programs from the ini file it will/will not show. For instance: Will show gimp, will show savanna, iTunes and explorer, will not show mail, notepad, and the command prompt. All the filenames are correct, in any event.

edit: apparently, I seem to be whining about why this doesn't work more than I'm providing constructive feedback. But I have a Polish grandmother, she spoils me, I have a good excuse! :lol:

Png transparency really does looks a little akward on unhighlighted objects, but I'm sure this is just a simple issue, so I won't go on about it.

Entering all your progrgams into an ini file is tedious, but it's great to be able to have control over the icon and the caption text. Perhaps this app can be set to search for the icon/caption via the ini file, first, and it finds no exsisting entry, it should just produce the running application's dedfault icon and default caption.

Keep up the great work!

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