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Yz Dock Shortcuts: how-to


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First line in script:

const Drive = "0" 'Edit this variable to change the corresponding drive

being capable of reading may be of some help sometimes, you know... ;)

const Drive = "0" 'First CD-ROM

const Drive = "1" 'Second

const Drive = "2" 'Third

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  • 5 months later...

Apologies for bringing up an 'lets say older thread' where the app is no longer supported, but I just got a cool surprise today...I have always been a huge fan of YzDock0.83 and how nice and smooth all its animations are and very light on the resources, but when installed XP SP2 some 4-5 months ago, it immediately caused the Dock to have all kind of issues, so I switched to ObjectDock..

I have tried RKLauncher and it is going to be a 'rockin app' once it gets out of its initial stages, and today I thought, "You know MS has had a bunch of performance/security patches via WUv6, and I wonder..."

Yes installed YzDock today and it is once again running beautifully smooth with absolutely no issues that it dispalyed when XP SP2 wa initially installed! :)

My question is:

Is there a way to NOT have it show labels...? As I got use to having the 'dock icons' being shown without labels, and am used to this nice, clean look...I remeber where 'ThreeDrives' had posted something regarding this, but I have done a bunch of searches and to no avail...


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