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All coded by me in C# with pics from god only knows whos screenshot, so your going to have to download the .net framework .net framework, and to all thoes people that complain about downloading it and say its dumb, you:

a. probaly have never coded in your life and dont realise how nice it is and

b. are going to have to downlad it someday or loose the use of tons of great apps.

.Net allows software to be written for any version of Windows and not break like Unmanaged applications unless using Unmanaged procedures like APIs. If your program uses large amounts of memory but releases it when something else needs it, then what's the problem?

Anyhow press the software updater and it will take a screenshot, name it acording to the date and save it to the root folder of the application.

Whats in stock for a possible future in order of probable apearance:

1. RAM recognition- recognises actual type of ram.

2. Camera sound when a SS is taken.

3. More info button actual brings up more info

4. A timer for screenshots, custom file naming

Bugs i know of:

1. it can be maximised.

2. Im a little leary on the meathod that it uses to catch the RAM amount. It hasnt been wrong, but i know how it could.

3. feel free to tell me about more.

Get it here


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