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Old Kkmenu Docklet?


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Not to be a big jerk head.

But has anyone actually *purchased* the shareware'd KKMenu? I think it's ridiculous he's trying to charge people for it.

And I really don't need to hear sh## about how he works hard on it, or yada yada yada. It's a damn docklet. period.

Pay $10 for this docklet for this program you download for free!

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Originally posted by dustinc@Oct 28 2003, 04:25 PM

really? a search function?  please teach me you ways. not to be sarcastic and all, but I was asking about the *docklet* version. not the link you gave. it's appreciated, but not what Im asking  about.  :order:

lol, you must call me grasshoppa no sarcasm taken, sorry if that was the wrong link

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Yeas there are users of KkMenu who simply love :wub: it, some other users find it really usefull (Y) and more ones are honest (and clever) enough :smartass: to know that it was a lot of work which should be rewarded. All those payed.

P.S.: If you do not want to pay: Simply do NOT, but never complain.

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doesn't make sense though. docklets are created by users, cause they love using them. why not share your efforts? they may not be open source, but it's the same idea. money, for a *docklet* is just silly, not to mention it's probably wrong being as he's using free software to make money. just my opinion I know, but the freeware one works for me, and I can complain all I want about a pay version that shouldnt be.

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