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Objectdock 0.75 Is Out


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The newest ObjectDock is out at version 0.75. Download here:


Before anyone installs this version, I've noticed that if you uninstall your old version and then install this one, there are no backgrounds in the background folder, so make sure to copy your background folder from your older version. If you install over an existing installation, you don't have to worry about it, but I've found it doesn't work as well.




-Running-program Indicators.... shortcuts to files will have

indicator after clicked while the program that was opened is

still running... shortcuts to exe's will always have an

indicator whenever the program is running.

-Single clicking an app with a running indicator will bring

all its windows to the foreground. Double clicking will run it again.

-Further improved dropping of some objects (e.g. My Computer, IE) to take advantage of running indicators.

-Added button to properties dialog of windows in OD's taskbar... clicking it will add a shortcut to the program the window belongs to to the dock. Very useful!

-Re-running the dock opens the dock config window.

-Fixed taskbar misfunctioning temporarially when Outlook Express "rules" window is opened.

-Bunch of other little glitch issues fixed

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I can't believe this....I downloaded 0.70 just 5 minutes ago...man this happened with 0.55 too. I just downloaded 0.55 and 2 hours later 0.65 was out....

Rotten luck :)

Anyway this is nice....especially the indicators...maybe I'll switch over from Y'z Dock now...(Yeah...right :) )


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I just got it. Quite nice from what I see so far.

RAM usage seems to be down.

But I have noticed a problem. With the "My Computer" shortcut on the dock and also when having another folder on the dock. If one opens a folder from the dock, the indicator will be displayed under "My Computer" instead of the folder which was actually opened.



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Hi all,

I just found out a quick tip I thought I would share with you all.

Running indicators from Y'z Dock are usable in Object Dock.

Since OD doesn't have the option to select running indicators yet, I found that by renaming the indicator that one wanted to use to "default.png" and restarting OD, that OD will use the new indicator.

I just renamed the stock indicator to "default.ong", o for old, and copied indicator in I wanted to use from Y'z, naming it "default.png", restarted OD and it worked.



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Originally posted by ZzPcPzZ@Dec 18 2002, 12:07 AM

Hmm.. The indicators seem to overlap on my icons =[ which is not a good thing.. I am thinking its happening with you as well.


Some resizing might be involved. I'm using the "border" indicator right now because I have a solid black dock background and OD default indicator was not visible with it.

I think the indicator width can be up to 128 pixels, while the height must not exceed 6 pixels.

I'm just making an experienced guess here, as we do not have documentation for OD, yet.



Erhm, that 128 pixel width might not be right, the largest one I'm using right now is 64 pixels wide.

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umm...downloads about 3 megs, stops...since it doesnt tell me how big the file is to begin with i figure its complete...

but when i run it, a DOS window pops for a second, closes...and object dock is not updated

and yes, i did close object dock first

anyone else have a working copy of the installation?

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Works great for me.. the indicators are a cool addition, although they do nothing if you have an opaque foreground layer..

Also, as a note to others, I had to rebuild my icon list from scratch because when I used 0.7's DockItems.ini I couldn't open any folders linked in my dock, and for some reason Explorer.exe went nuts after clicking the link, gobbling all my RAM and taking all my CPU cycles. I got rid of all my icons and re-added them, and it seems to be working fine again.

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no it does not have the pin to desktop feature which would make me a lover of od, that is all that i want and then i will start using it full time. I dont want it all the time on top, but when i am looking at my desktop i want to see it

as far as the bottom of the screen i think that he is talking about anywhere on the bottom, not just where the dock actually is

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I went back to version 0.70 of Objectdock because:

1.The unreliability of launching folder shortcut and webpages

2.While the triangle is nice addition, it would be nicer if it rescale as the dock gets smaller.

3. The cut and paste problem in pasting info on the Link: property box is the same for v0.70 and 0.75 ( I consider this a major bug). Now that I know I can circumvent this by cut-n-paste with Control-v v0.70 seems to offer less problems than v0.75

The advantages of v0.75 are not stable enough and it does not solve the problems that are more pressing for me.

This does not mean that everybody should switch to 0.70, it only means that for me the stability of the dock and the functional stable options are more important than visual enhancements. Now that I re-installed v0.70 I see that it runs faster or more responsive than v 0.75. Jeff is still doing a great job and nothing in life comes pain free. Keep up the good work.

Thanks B)

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