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It looks very nice in the screenshot Goku, but ....errrm.... how would I go about installing it :huh: Also, if I did install this theme, would it only effect the current user; I share my computer with other people who aren't as interested in the Mac theme as I am. Yes, yes I know I'm a ****ie <_

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well first of simon, its not really a theme you install in your system, its just based on Yz toolbar which is just an executable file that uses VERY LOW resources and therefore its not noticeable. SO ITS GOOD.

download it from YZ homepage and get the theme from the links above here.

and no, it wont skin any other users, as long as "YZ TOOLBAR" the program isnt in their startup.


take care simon,


P.s. if anyone has any more themes, please post them. Thanks.

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Hi everyone,

I made the Y'z ToolBar theme of Jaguar Aqua type, which is based on the Iceman's and Goku's awesome themes. (Thank you so much !! :P)


Download this theme (129KB Zip file)

(This is the same file as the one on the topic of February 2003 Screenshots )

Please enjoy !!


(1) As to the Imagefiles, I didn't select PNG but BMP on purpose 'coz I found that it's better to use BMP for displaying the button outline and shadow smoothly.

(I know this phenomenon is opposite generally. I don't know why not in my cace...???)

So this theme should not be suitable for the deep colored skin like "Brushed." The Jaguar aqua theme like Iceman's would be one of the best fit for my theme.

(2) I replaced the original "Stop" and "Refresh" buttion images with "Back" and "Forward" arrow button images one by one so that the ugly blank space for splitdropdown can be filled up.

Please copy my arrow images and paste them on the original arrow images with paintsoftware or something If you get in trouble with my setting. (it's very easy, you know)

(3) It may occure that some button images are horizontally out of position owing to your fontsize, fonttype or language. In this case, please adjust correctly the position of either button images using the paintsoftware as I mentioned in (2) or toolbar button name(please refer to below).

I also recommend tweaking the browselc.dll (C:\WINDOWS\system32) in order to change each name of toolbar buttons according to the real Mac's toolbar.

Please use ResourceHacker and open the dll files, go to "String Table"(resource types) and open #790 and #791(resource name). You can find the toolbar button names there.

It's possible to change the horizontal position of letters to insert proper blank space in each button name.

I suppose that it's better to make the font size of toolbar buttons 8pt or less (also depending on your font type) since such a long name as "Applications" causes either wider blank space between buttons or ugly vertical space.

Concerning the way to replace dll file with original one, please refer to other topics in this Boards.

Please let me know if you have any further questions (Pardon me for my poor English :ph34r:)

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