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Nope, doesn't work; I still get the same default icons. I did exactly what you said in the instructions, except the bit about msoeres.bak. This is because I can't find my system32/dllcache. However hard I look for it, in any shape or form, it just ain't there :( So I skipped that bit and did the rest. I didn't get a WinXP alert either :unsure: I restarted my PC, and the icons were still the default ones.

Any help :blink:

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¡Wow! Que impresionante, yo no puedo esperar hasta que usted libere la versión final. El trabajo muy bueno, las felicitaciones.



Wow! Thats awesome, i can't wait until you release the final version. Very good job, congratulations.

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hey soul... no logro descargar ninguna de las versiones (esp o eng) me aparece algo como brokem link also, trate de copiar y pegar pero nada... :( serias tan amable de enviarme las 2 versiones a my email [email protected](NoSpam)


Ps. o al menos la version en español, yo la tradusco al ingles....

Ps2. Sorry guys for the spanish! (use the fish if ya want to know, otherewise learn some spanish hehehe) (J/K) :P

---edited by Hidr0---

nevermind, i got it!.. thx

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Good start on the OE file, but it needs some work. There are 2 fairly big problems that I've found.

First, the icons for the buttons aren't transparent, they have a striped background. This is bad for those of us using themes like Milk and Smooth Stripes that don't have the striped toolbars like the regular Aqua theme does.

Second, the delete button on mine just shows up as a red rectangle. I don't know if it just hasn't been added yet but it looks really bad on my toolbar. It's a good start though...

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dethblud, I looked that your first problems with the icons. I work with the transparency channel but before, in this version, I use my "soulless jaguar theme" as background.

Second, this is a beta version and in the finish version all icons will be update (delete too) ;)


Hidr0, tan pronto como me sea posible te enviaré las dos versiones de mi tema, comprueba que tienes algo más de dos megas de memoria libre en tu cuenta de correo para que puedas recibirlo.

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