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[request]itunes For Windows Visual Style

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I am sorry for being like that.

It is not really like I am but I am just trying to cut down on these repeat posts.

Anyway KOL is very busy at the moment, but if you PM him you will get a reponse.

Thank you very much for understanding and I will try and read more thourougly before replying.

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hmmm so you actually want those min max and close buttons on the style? the ones on itunes for win?

Interesting thats what everyone has been complaining about, you on the other hand have decided to make it match, i like your positivism LOL

CHeers (Y)


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LOL. Since I have a Mac too, I want the red/yellow/green buttons to stay exclusively in OS X and the "underscore"/square/X buttons to stay with Win XP. iTunes for Windows looks clean and its min/max/close buttons goes well with it (and IMHO with the whole Win XP).

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