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Mobydock Dx V0.87 Is Out!

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Hello all :D

Here is - the latest version of Mobydock - with a lots of improvements, bug fixes and some surprises.

This version stands apart from our previous releases since it´s the first that features all the basic funcionality that you can expect from a 1.0 version. We have improved almost all main parts of MobyDock and added some new features while reducing the memory usage.

Some requested features are now present like the ability to save mail passwords, autofocus, itunes support - yes! you have readed it correctly - and a host of improvements and bug fixes.

Below is a detailed list of all features / changes made to Mobydock DX.

Please take note of the NEW URL: www.mobydock.com

What's New:

- side options added (top/bottom/left/right)

- subfolder-navigation for popup-menus

- ability to explore most of the system-items like 'my computer' or 'control panel' via popup-menu

- drag & drop-support for system-files/folders like 'my computer','my pictures' or 'control panel'

- new animation/attention effects for X-/Y-Rotation (freely combinable, also with bouncing)

- Auto-Focus-Function when not in 'Always on Top'-Mode

- better multi-monitor support

- support for iTunes

- ability to modify the width of the magnification-effect

- ability to set a different color of an item during mouse-clicks

- ability to specify the working-directory for applications !

- ability to hide item-labels

- ability to add a drop-shadow to minimized apps / folders

- reduced memory-usage

- save crypted version of the mail-password(s)

- detection of screen-resolution-change

- Installer with detection of proper DirectX Version

- Many Bugfixes

Download Mobydock DX v0.87

Download MobyDock DX v0.87 - Mirror

Have fun :D

Moby and Mikegraphik

Note: i would like to clarify that the latest Mobydock delay was my fault. I´ve read somewhere at aqua-soft foruns requests and other Mobydock questions related with this release´s delay and Moby replied all for me keeping people informed the best he could. However i´ve delayed it more than one time because i´ve been very busy lately and could´nt have all the site stuff and graphics ready for this release at time.

Hope you all understand and please be more patience because sometimes Moby has nothing to do with these delays. Thank you.


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Originally posted by IngeneerMind@Oct 18 2003, 09:53 PM

pentium IV 2.0 Ghz

GeForce nVidea 64 MB

dude the bounce effect look like it is boucing in the MoOn!!!


You can change the speed of the bouncing effect. Take a look at the Mobydock control panel.

About the speed try to make the icons smaller (trough MobyDock control panel too): performance scales with number of icons and icon-size.


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This always happens...I've been checking for the new release every day almost hourly...I didn't have the computer on at all today until about 5 minutes ago and BAM...new release!

I only installed it about 10 minutes ago, but all I can say so far is WOW!!! IT was definitely worth the wait...

I have weather again! The new animation (I'm using horizontal rotation) is excellent...subfolder navigation...(picture Homer Simpson looking at a donut.....ARRRGGGGGLLLLLGGGG )

Moby...we're not worthy :bow:

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Hi moby and mike,

Great job on the new release. I really like it.

Thanks for your efforts,


P.S. We got a new Mozilla Firebird, a new iTunesWin and now a new MobyDockDX all in the space of a few weeks. Life is sweet for an OS XP lover like myself! ;)

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