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[release] Compositex Theme


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Originally posted by wookietv@Oct 16 2003, 05:38 AM

here's an example of what leonardshelby was talking about with the dark buttons...  i finally saw it also

(btw, this is me getting the 5 new security updates that came out today...  geezzz!!!)

same thing with the tabs in mozilla here :(

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Iceman & Elpincho,

I am usually not too enomored with the 'darker VS's, but I take exception with your great, combined effort of a neat theme...

The Spanish/Latin flare that is shown in this VS is very elegant! Gents, to a job well done! The attention to detail is well what can you say...

;) :own:


I really like the CompositeX VS by Iceman & Elpincho, but I do have an issue with the 'My Documents' icon on the WinXP start menu...

It is the aqua color, but the 'Finder face' on the folder is a blank white..

I have cleared my icon cache via TweakUI, but no success...This happens with all the 4 variations in this cool VS...

I have just applied Iceman's Jag VS, and the My Documents icon is fine the way it should be on the WinXP Start Panel, and throughout Windows...

Any one else experiencing this issue?? Any other steps that I may try to rectify this?



Thank you for your kind PM, and I sent you a 'ss' of this issue via your email addy...

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Elpincho & Iceman,

I have solved the issue mentioned above by first applying the WinXP Luna msstyle, and then rebooting and applying your wonderfully soothing CompositeX VS...result: My Documents icon now has the 'Finder Face'...:)

Also I have D/L from Elpincho's site the matching iShut6 skin, and the System Preference app...just 'first class' gents...

Lynchknot, our resident "Master of Firebird Skins', then did a couple of tweaks to his great Macaqua (icons only) theme, and now when using the graphite colours, and the CompositeX VS is skinning the Macaqua tabs, there is now a perfectly matching 'white font' on the black tabs, that match the Title/Caption Bar fonts, and looks excellent...

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