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Laptops Under The Sun


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    • Compaq
    • Dell
    • HP
    • Apple
    • Sony
    • Emachine
    • Gateway
    • IBM
    • Toshiba
    • Acer

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That poll is a little misleading - the question in the title is, "Which are you using," but in the poll it's "Which do you prefer?" Well, naturally, everyone here at A-S is going to prefer, in one aspect or another, the Apple option. But according to the two responses so far, I'm pretty sure they voted for Apple but don't currently have one.

What is the poll asking? Am I freakin' crazy for caring this much? By the way, I'm on a 14.1 inch Gateway laptop 400sx. I love it. I'd buy another one tomorrow if I lost this one and got the money for a replacement. Then I'd save up and by an Apple laptop later on.



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I have a Compaq Presario 2133AP and would recommend it to anyone, it's a nice little machine, and manages 4.5 hours battery life - speedy too with an AthlonXP 1800+.

It doesn't have wireless lan though, so I have to use a card.

Yes, I'd prefer a 17' Titanium Powerbook........

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4 weeks ago, $500 canadian got me:

Sony Vaio FXA32

since then i upgraded it with some parts i had lying around...

30gig 5400rpm 8mg cache travelstar

24x10x24 cdrw

512mb PC133 ram

I have a Athlon 1800+xp being shipped as i post, to replace the duron 900.

and the duron already seems pretty fast already.

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