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Folderico Dnd

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Folderico DnD not only change the folder icon, but also make you own icon from PNG-file.

Now you can in three steps, assign PNG-file as an icon to the folder. No longer need to convert PNG to ICO. Folderico DnD do it for you.

Step 1: Drag folder


Just drag and drop the folder in which it is necessary to change the icon to Folderico DND.

Step 2: Drag image


Choose the ICO or PNG-file as an icon and just drag to Folderico DND.

Step 3: Do magic


Just click the "Do Magic" and the program will convert your PNG-file to ICO-file and applied ICO to the folder.

Thus, we combined the converter-utility with the icon-changer utility.

This combination of tools for the first time in the world.

It has never before been easier to set up PNG file as a folder icon.

And this "Magic" is FREE

DOWNLOAD: Folderico_DnD_004.zip

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