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[Release] Alphablended Os X Cursors In Xp Format!


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I just found out a way to make XP's own alphablended cursors, (smooth and shadowed rainbow of death) so without further adieu ;):

OS X Cursors for Windows XP

I'm sure most of you know how to change your cursors by now, but in case you dont:

1. Open up Control Panel

2. Select Mouse Properties

3. Select "Pointer" tab

4. Select the cursor you want to change from the list

5. Click "Browse" and search for where ever you extracted the cursors too

6. Select the cursor you want (they are all named accordingly) Hit open, and repeat.


Oh and as a cool side note. These Cursors dont affect java or quicktime, no erratic flashing!


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Originally posted by G-MINA@Dec 8 2002, 01:40 PM

Hey Guys I need the OS x cursors In CursorXP Format


erm why? these ones are the exact same as my Cursor XP set, but they are in windows standard .cur format. Why would you want to use an xtra program when you can avoid it? ;) But anyways here's the link to the cursor XP set I made, which I'll be updating a bit later so dload it again in about an hour or so.

OS X Cursor XP set


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I updated both the cursorxp theme, and the plain XP theme, they now include the BMW logo type aquablob, and working in background aquablob, for those of you who dont like the spinning rainbow of death (SROD ;)).

Same Links as always


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I have always used a specific Aqua cursor that I have, they are transparent.

They are all this shape "<" but pointing obviously North west.

They are amazing tranclucent. They are ported from Aqua Jaguar.

Normal = blue

Working in Background = tranclucent Orange

Wait = glowing Red

Link = green

It's great because eg. when starting WMP9 the cursor glows very briefly red, then pulsates orange, as it's loading, then settles on blue and you know it is finished.

It's very sleek.

All tranceparent and translucent.

Who can I mail them to that will host it?

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