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Large Photographic Game Console Icons Set

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Ver 1-2: The accompanying documents have been updated with links updated too.

I found that back there it was kinda hard to find good quality emulator icons on the web so I decided to create my own set. This is a set of icons I made for game console emulators, it is photographic but is very comprehensive and the pictures are very clean. I wanted to do them in illustration vector style but it would have taken me too long to do it with my spare time. I also have an entry in Deviant for an old computers icons set.

Despite this all the pictures have been cleaned thoroughly, color corrected (for the most part) and fully smoothed alpha and just finding good quality photos for this was a huge job. I had to clean a lot of artifacts, finger smudges, dirt in many of them and correct other problems to make the photos look as clean as you see them. It includes Windows, Mac and Png versions. The Windows icons are in Vista format (The 256 x 256 pixels size icons inside the .ico files are Png compressed) but they are Win XP compatible as well.

Also there are people that like the photographic versions for their particular taste or for other purposes like using them as clipart so I also provide a link to a larger 512 pixel version set (that one has less quantity of the icons but they are the most commonly used)

You may modify them for personal use.

You can obtain a zip file that contains everything at Deviantart in my gallery. I don't know why but these items do no display the direct to page download code as other submissions that I have in Deviantart (maybe an old error from Deviantart) so I will give you the link to my gallery instead. Once there navigate to the last page in my gallery with the controls at the bottom of the Deviantart page and you will be able to see the console and computer icons entries:


Alternate Mediafire download folder:






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