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Homer Loves Sci-Fi Like Pixeloz Icons Set

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Homer Loves Sci-Fi Like PixelOz Icons Set Ver 1.0

Note: The icons do not have a white background, they have fully alpha transparent backgrounds with very smooth edges. The white background in the thumbnails is only for display purposes.

This is an icon set of Homer Simpson showing his love of sci-fi TV programs just like PixelOz. I included several different sci-fi TV shows versions including some old school ones too and one version of the icon with the original picture of the Simpsons family too. It has the 16 sci-fi icons that you see on the thumbnails + the original Simpsons family picture converted to icon too.

It has Windows, Mac and Png versions. It has icons from 16 to 256 pixels in size (The Pngs are only in 256 pixels size). Now, have in mind the fact that they were really designed for higher icons sizes view so don’t expect the logos to be so readable at 32 pixel sizes or less cause it won’t work. They were really designed for sizes more like 64 pixel sizes or above.

You can start to read several of them at about 48 pixel sizes. I created them more with the intention of the icons being used in programs like Rocket Dock, Startdock’s ObjectDock and similar application launchers in which you can see them at much higher sizes. You can also use the 256 icon size Pngs as cliparts too.

The file includes a .psd template with blocking masks that you can use to create additional icons in case you don't find your favorite sci-fi show in the group or to create icons for other TV shows. It has instructions on how to use the template for Photoshop and for the freely available Gimp program in the PDF file that it includes.

You can modify the icons at least for your own personal use. I hope that you enjoy them.

Get them here at Deviantart:


Or use this alternate Mediafire address:



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