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Monitor 2... Dock Does Not Appear

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When I opt to put the dock on Monitor 2, which I use all the time, it does not appear there. Now it's over there and invisible and I can't get to the options box to put it back on 1. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing out the User/Roaming/XWindows folder to no avail. Not a good bug. Back to Rocket Launcher for now... thanks

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OK... a new issue is up for me and it's really a doozy...

Part of what I really want and need from the XWindows dock is a way to create multiple docking bars for my desktop to keep things a bit more separated. I use Rocket Dock currently but they don't allow separate instances.. only one instance.

Plus I've found that if I use the outdated "Stack" plugin for Rocket Dock and click on one of the program Icons to start a program I get a message saying there is no program assigned to this icon which is bunk because the shortcuts work fine when not in a stack. I'm having that same exact issue with XWindows Dock stack as well! :blink:

PS: More themes too... Are they fairly easy to make? I'm a graphics artist so let me know... More effects would be nice as well like a zoom when hovering over the icon or have the icon light up a a little bit. The folders I've added to it are very stationary. If it wasn't for the pop up label I wouldn't know if it was activated or not.


Richard McCormick

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1: XWDock allow only once instance. I don't think to change that.

2: For stacks plugin, use "containers" found in the menu "preferences", that works well.

3: For themes, it's easy to make one, another thread in the forum discuss that, and several other themes are already made.



PS: I uploaded a new version to fix "expose" issues on multi-monitors.

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