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More On Font Smoothing

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Alright, Im going to go ahead and lay this one out there. There must be some kind of way to adjust font smoothing beyond just clear type in xp. There must be some way to Modify clear type, and not by a program like clear twek or anything, but a way to modify registry settings to obtain a complete Mac Osx look. The Lucida Grande font in windows does not appear exactly as it does in osx, and that is a given. But if you use adobe photoshop and type out the font at size 13 with the font smoothing style set on smooth, you get a PERFECT match. There must be some kind of way to adapt this feature to the windows GUI. If anyone knows how, it would be a godsend because this font issue has troubled me for a long long time. LucidaGrandeBold is extremely accurate, but not exact. I feel exact must be reached, so lets pool together and see whats up!

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the only way (I think) possible to actually make the font look different would be to make your own version of the font from scratch.

So, if you want, say, Lucida Grande to be more like the one in OS X, you'd have to edit the font manually and replace the original version with your edited one.

I think Macromedia has a font editing program called Fontographer.

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